All products shown below are for sale or available for custom order. A few of these examples are for sale at Lakeside Gallery in Duluth, MN and That Old Blue Door in Waseca, MN. Contact me at cole.nyquist@gmail.com for additional information or requests.

Black Walnut, Oak, and Cedar Cutting and Serving Boards with Runic Inscriptions and Shou Sugi Ban Wood Charring

Black Walnut Coffee Table and End Table with Lake Superior Agate and Rock Resin Inlay

Black Walnut Log Stand Lamp

Black Walnut Live-Edge End Table with Hickory Legs and Butterfly Inlays

White Oak Coffee Table with Lake Superior Agate and Rock Resin Inlay

Mixed Cherry, White Oak, and Black Walnut Coffee Tables

White Oak Slab End Tables with Lake Superior Agate and Rock Resin Fill


Reclaimed Barnwood Herringbone Christmas Trees

Black Walnut Table Lamp with Edison Bulb

Black Walnut Tables with Cherry Inlay and Raw Steel Legs

Black Walnut, Agate, and Plum Wood Business Card Holders

Oak Slab Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

Black Walnut Floating Log Lamps with Multi-Colored LEDs.

Wood-Burning End Table and Wall Art