About the Artist

Cole Nyquist is a photographer and woodworker from southern Minnesota. Cole developed an interest in Old Norse studies while attending St. Olaf College, majoring in Medieval Studies and Norwegian with concentrations in Linguistics and Nordic Studies. After graduating from St. Olaf, he attended the Viking and Medieval Norse Masters Program offered jointly by the Universities of Iceland, Oslo, Aarhus, and Copenhagen. Cole studied Old Norse religion, history, and philology and lived in Iceland and Norway during his studies, completing the program with a Masters of Philosophy and writing his thesis on compositional techniques and perceptions of authorship in Skaldic poetry. 

While studying abroad and traveling throughout Europe and the United States, Cole developed a love for photography and taught himself how to take and edit photographs of his travels. Returning to the United States, he also began to teach himself woodworking with the help of his father. Seeing an opportunity to bring his education and love of Old Norse language, poetry, and runic writing into his work, Cole began to create various woodworking projects incorporating Old Norse designs and runes through pyrography and carving.

Contact and ordering information:

email: cole.nyquist@gmail.com

instagram: @seidhr

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